Disney+ Offers Short-But-Sweet First Look at 'Lizzie McGuire' Reboot

January 3, 2020

Who knew that the most exciting reboot of 2020 would feature everyone’s favorite teen, Lizzie McGuire, and her animated sidekick?

In 2019, Disney+ announced that it was rebooting the beloved 2001 Disney Channel series.

On New Year’s Day, the streaming service shared an exciting sizzle reel teasing what's coming to the platform in 2020, which included the teensiest glimpse into the upcoming season of “Lizzie McGuire.”

“Hi, it’s me,” Hilary Duff’s character says as she approaches a car in the first-look.

It may be a blink-and-you’ll miss it moment, but aside from a few photos taken during filming in New York City, it’s all we have for now.

Fans noticed that in the clip, Duff’s character is wearing the same yellow coat that she wore in a behind-the-scenes photo posted from the official first day of filming, which likely means the snippet is from the first episode of the series.

In October, Disney+ also shared a photo of Duff in the yellow coat carrying a giant stuffed alpaca with the caption, "Alpaca your bags! #LizzieMcGuire, an original series coming soon to #DisneyPlus, is heading to the Big Apple for the next chapter in Lizzie's story. Check out this exclusive photo from the first day of production."

In addition to “Lizzie McGuire,” Disney+’s teaser included footage of the live-action films, “The Lion King” and “Aladdin, a cute clip of baby Yoda from the second season of “The Mandalorian,” and footage from“Toy Story 4” and Marvel’s upcoming series, “Wandavision.”

"Is this not what 2020 vision means?,” they captioned the Instagram post.

According to E!, the reboot finds Lizzie as she’s about to turn 30. “She seemingly has it all—her dream job as an assistant to a fancy New York City decorator, her dream guy and a picturesque Brooklyn apartment—but things aren't always as they seem. With a little help from her friends, her loving family and her 13-year-old alter-ego in animated form, Lizzie navigates the ups and downs of adulthood,” the synopsis reads.

Those friends include Adam Lamberg, who played her childhood crush Gordo, and her on-screen family, Jake Thomas as pesky little brother Matt, and her mom and dad, Hailee Todd and Robert Caradine, respectively.

Disney+ has yet to announce a premiere date for “Lizzie McGuire.”

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