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This CVS receipt just kept going and going

If you've ever been to a CVS, you have seen one of their infamous receipts. They go on and on and on, filled with coupons for future visits. They've even inspired Halloween costumes. CVS receipt for Halloween!! Most original and relatable costume!!! — Uché O.Z (@uchemedia... Read More

The "Cats" trailer set off a meme firestorm

The trailer for the upcoming movie version of the musical "Cats" premiered yesterday. In case you missed it, here you go. Video of CATS - Official Trailer [HD> A lot of people had strong reactions. There were memes. So...many...memes. Here are some of the best. Cats (2019) Read More

Look what YOU can do w/ Brownies! A Must Make!

Happy Hump Day! Chef Gemma / Bigger Bold Baking caught my attention w / what she did to a yummy Brownie that made it even yummier. It's basically a Brownie Sundae in a bar. YUMMY! Great way to celebrate Ice Cream Month, and Ice Cream Day coming this Sunday (7/21) Good enough yummy excuse for me... Read More

Ice Cream Day Deals & Yummy Fun!

I can't remember the 1st time I tried Ice Cream , but I have seen photos when I celebrated 1 year on Earth w/ Chocolate Cake & Vanilla Ice Cream all over my face ... myself. I feel everyday can / could be Ice Cream Day, especially when you put cake or a brownie with it! Each year, there is... Read More

FaceApp Aged Battle: Celebrities vs Regular Folks

FaceApp Aged : Jonas Brothers vs honeyTed, Heather & Rudy Celebrities vs Regular Folks The FaceApp Aged Battle is On! CELEBRITIES: JONAS BROTHERS vs Regular Folks: honey Ted , Heather & Rudy! WHO AGED THE BEST???? Scroll down & check out the photos & cast your vote! JONAS BROTHERS ARE... Read More