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M-Day Wine Break: Mom Culture Wines

Happy M-Day! I got an email heads up about these 2 mamas, Sarah & Tammy, who are spreading the Cheers w/ their Mom Culture Wines . Wine always seems to be a great gift for the of age someone special in your life, a special event or just because you want to enjoy some wine. I have also noticed... Read More

Tissue grabbing Moments at the Grammys

Last night brought on a different kind of vibe for the 62nd Grammy Awards that seemed to be filled w/ more heart and emotion. Since the tone was set early on due to the untimely death of a Basketball Great Kobe Bryant (41) w/ a helicopter accident that took the lives of his daughter Gianna (13)... Read More

LISTEN: Booker, Alex and Sara On Demand 1-27

LISTEN: Booker, Alex and Sara On Demand 1-27 Waiting by the Phone: Heather wanted to know why Paul stopped calling and it is all because of a photograph!! Can't Beat Booker with Mel What is your sleep position?? How much do spend eating out in a year and where do Alex and his kids eat on a nightly... Read More
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7 Ways to Create a Big Old Pillow Win

The National Sleep Foundation recommends replacing your pillow every 1- 2 years, since you rest your face on them. Pillows can accumulate saliva, skin, oils, makeup, dead skin cells, dust mites and even mold. Replacing a pillow this many times during your life, makes for more pillows ending up in... Read More
Rubber Chicken

A Rubber Chicken Purse Craze is happening on Amazon!

Peeps have become obsessed w/ the Rubber Chicken Purse - The Hen Hand Bag . It can be found on Amazon Prime for $27.15 / Free Shipping! It has a 4.5 out of 5 star average rating and well over 750 reviews. I didn't realize there was such Big Love for the Rubber Chicken. Cupid needs to move over this... Read More
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A New Social Media Trend has Invaded the Growing Vegan Scene

A Vegan Diet has become more and more popular with lots of trends backing it. A new Social Media Trend has been invading the Vegan Scene . For those who love their fruits, veggies and nuts, and the thrill of capturing them. They're striking a pose with their Vegan Specials . This has sparked... Read More
Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Look what You can do w/ a Chocolate Covered Strawberry!

A Valentine's / anytime favorite Chocolate Covered Strawberries paired in a Yummy Surprise Twist way w/ another favorite CheesecakeI never thought about doing this. Have you? I really want to try it now. I'm thinking about adding some chocolate / cocoa to the Cheesecake mixture, you could have the... Read More