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Best Pizza in Each State List is out! ATX has the Best!

A recent list came out: The Best Pizza in Every State. From the looks of it, thin crusts / more New York styles were favored. I'm a fan of THICK CRUST. The ends of the pizza pieces... 'Pizza Bones' ... are much tastier thick. Saving them until the end, and dipping them in Peanut Butter and/ or... Read More

Sean Mack visits the Electric Daisy Carnival

I’ve always been a big fan of EDM music. For years, I had seen and read all about the world’s largest dance music festival-known as the Electric Daisy Carnival(or EDC). It takes place in Las Vegas every year, with 150,000 people attending nightly. Yes, this is a nighttime festival…it starts at 7pm... Read More

Why a Watermelon Mill is needed this Summer

Watermelon is such an AWESOME SUMMER TREAT! Here's the but.. It's not that fun to cut. Especially when you butcher pieces like I do. I ran across this, and feel this could solve my problems. Plus it looks Fun to use. Think a Watermelon Mill (knife) is needed in your life this Summer? Read More

Happy Waitstaff Day! How do you TIP in this situation?

Today is Waitstaff Day! When they take care of us, they need to be taken care of too. This makes Tipping very important, especially when it comes to their income. How much do you tip when it comes to Great Service? 20% still seems to be the standard of the pre-tax bill for Great Service. If you... Read More
Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott

SCREENSHOTS: Inside "A Whole New World" of 'Aladdin'

It's time to welcome a new generation into the world of Aladdin . The story, the songs, and the style of the Disney classic unfold in the new live-action edition of the film directed by Guy Ritchie . With a diverse cast anchored by the wonderful Will Smith as The Genie, the film explores a world... Read More