This is the "Coolest" Jonas Brothers Video Yet

The trio just dropped a confident new single

April 5, 2019

Palm trees, sports cars, the beach and the pool – it's not a bad life for the Jonas Brothers. They have it going on and they know it. The trio just dropped the video for their new single “Cool.” The visual is a tropical trip back to the 80s, complete with pastel attire, in a Miami setting.

There’s even a Jane Fonda name drop before the confident chorus: “I'm feeling so cool / From top to the bottom, just cool / In every little thing that I do / Dammit I'm feeling so cool, yeah.”

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“Cool” follows “Sucker" - the number one hit that brought the Jonas Brothers back to life. They took a six year break to work through their differences, but they clearly didn’t forget how to make music together during their time away.