5 tv shows you should watch right now!

June 21, 2017

Hello! So I watch a TON of tv and here are 5 tv shows I think you should be watching right now!!! - Sara

1. "Younger" - Back on TV land on June 28. This is my favorite show right now. Watch it. Stream it. You won't regret it. Message me if you watch it and we can chat about how awesome it is together :)

2. "The Handmaids Tale" - Full season on Hulu now - This show is hard to watch at times and very dark, but brings up a lot to talk about with friends. I will watch everything that Elisabeth Moss does.

3. "Glow" - New show coming to Netflix on Friday - Jenji Kohan who is behind Orange is the New Black is also one of the ladies who created this show about women wrestlers in the 80s. Marc Maron and Alison Brie are in it which is an automatic yes for me.

4. "Cardinal" - 6 episodes you can stream on Hulu right now - This is a great mini series set in Canada starring Billy Campbell as a cop with a past looking to catch a serial killer...though he will also be The Rocketeer to me :)

5. "Snowfall" - Premieres July 5 on FX - I have seen the first episode and it is gooooood. It is about the cocaine explosion in LA in the 80s.

PS....I am also excited about The Bold Type on Freeform but have not seen any of the episodes yet!!!