All about my Squeezed Juice Cleanse

January 11, 2019

Squeezed Juice Cleanse –

What: This week I completed my first 3 day juice cleanse with

Why: I did it because I needed assistance in eating healthy again. I eat healthy most of the time, but throughout the year I get into patterns where I am having a glass of wine/whiskey every night…grabbing candy from the work candy jar…eating bites from any snack left anywhere. I don’t want to stop and I think mentally I need a clean slate. Enter juice cleanse.

My thoughts:

1. It is very convenient – I ordered it last week and asked for it to be delivered to my house Sunday night. All the juices were delivered in a soft cooler to my front door.

2. I set a goal and I accomplished a goal – sometimes setting a small goal (like a 3 day juice cleanse) is all you need to get out of a rut! I am so proud of myself!

3. I love how they have the option to get more veggie based juices. 2 of my juices everyday had absolutely no fruit in them

4. I can’t say why I had more energy, but normally I get home from work and eat lunch and then immediately fall asleep. I have tried so hard to push past that lunch time crash, but rarely can. I did not nap once during the cleanse. I didn’t realize I had not napped until the final day and was like WHOA!

5. I did not work out during the cleanse. They say you can, and that is why they include the cashew milk with calories and protein, but I was scared working out might give myself and excuse to eat food. One goal at a time.

6. It is challenging. I was never hangry, but not chewing food or cooking food was hard at times. I think it was more that I was not following my normal routine and new things can be scary.

7. I never once felt bloated…and I never once felt guilty for something “bad” that I ate. I have major food guilt sometimes

8. My favorite drink was the activated charcoal lemonade on night one. I had seen a similar drink before at a fancy juice store in Austin, but had never tried it. It was so weird, but also so awesome. My tongue did turn black for about 30 minutes which I found super funny.

9. Finally, and what I think really makes the Squeezed juice cleanse stand out. The FB Support group is AMAZING. So if you do the cleanse you have to join the FB Support group (Squeezed Society.)  People from all over were posting for advice, support and struggles. I never actually posted, but reading how other people were doing was very encouraging for me​. for more info. Order by 1pm to have the cleanse delivered to your home by 9pm that night. Use code 'Mix' for extra savings!