Booker, Alex and Sara's weekend in 5 pictures

March 4, 2019

Our weekend in 5 pictures:

Picture 1 - This was the first of many party fouls this weekend at my wife's birthday party on Rainey Street at Lucille - Alex

Picture 2: I am getting married in less than 5 weeks and I still do not have a we decided to go and start looking at rings this weekend! It was fun and overwhelming! - Sara 

Picture 3 - My stepdaughters both run track at Round Rock and Saturday my fiance and I sat at the track meet allllllllll day in the cold. I LOVE going to the meets, but am looking forward to warmer meets. - Sara

Picture 4 - We started celebrating my wife's bday and I bought 3 dozen cupcakes for her party. Cupcakes are SO EXPENSIVE - Alex

Picture 5 - I cannot for the LIFE of me keep my shoes tied. This is a rare moment in my life where both shoes are tied! - Sara