Happy Story: Best 5 minute dance of her life!!!

March 26, 2020

Happy Story: Best 5 minute dance of her life!!! Alexis lives in Austin and we just LOVED that she shared this very happy moment with the world!!!

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WARNING: HAPPY TEARS GUARANTEED. Like so many, it’s been a tough week and a half: my uncle passed away (we weren’t allowed to fly to the funeral), my brother in Seattle is sick and he’s been turned away twice because there aren’t enough Corona tests available, all my speaking engagements have been cancelled and in the middle of IVF- we are being told that at any point we may have to stop the entire process if our clinic gets shut down... needless to say we’ve all seen calmer days. So my best friend, ride-or-die since I was fourteen lives in San Antonio (an hour and a half from Austin). I called her in tears overwhelmed and stressed with about 1000 times the appropriate hormones in a human body. Last night Brad and I heard music blasting outside and walked to the window; there stood my best friend in a face mask dancing in my front yard. I opened the door and she yelled, “Jones, six feet apart- come dance with me!” With tears streaming down my face, I danced and laughed with my best friend under the stars on a Tuesday night hours before she had to drive back to San Antonio to make the “shelter in place” curfew. When the song ended, she said, “I know you can do this- and I know that because you can do hard things. Remember I’m only ever 6 feet, one city and a face mask away and here for you whenever you need me! Okay. I love you! Bye!” She got in her car and she drove home. I’m still crying as I write this because in the midst of these hard, uncertain times we are gifted tender mercies, love personified and best friends who drive hours to remind us that we aren’t alone. People keep saying, the worst is still to come, I dare say, so is the best. The five minutes I danced in my front yard in my PJ’s, I will remember for the rest of my life because love has a magical way of melting away all the fear. And our love is bigger than this virus, it’s bigger than our current challenges and it’s bigger than the fear of all the unknown yet to come. So in case you need to hear it, YOU got this too. We will all figure it out together, though we may need some dance breaks along the way and best friends who love us back to life when life gets too much. Fran- You. Are. Everything.

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