Happy Story: Just Ten Minutes of Exercise a Week Could Extend Your Life

March 21, 2019

This is great news for anyone who hates working out and just wants to do the bare minimum . . .A new study looked at the medical records of more than 88,000 Americans.  And it found that as little as ten minutes of exercise a WEEK could help you live longer. People who got between ten minutes and one hour of light-to-moderate exercise a week had an 18% lower risk of an early death than people who got no exercise.They were also 12% less likely to die from cardiovascular issues during the study, and 14% less likely to die of cancer. Again though, they got UP to one hour of exercise a week.  So ten minutes really is the bare minimum.  But it's better than nothing. The health effects were even greater for those who got more exercise than that.  People who worked out up to two-and-a-half hours a week were 22% less likely to die early. And people who averaged about an hour a day of exercise had a 33% lower chance of an early death.