Happy Story: Kaycie’s Teddy Bear

December 11, 2018

Kaycie’s Teddy Bear

The Cooper family welcomed their brand-new baby girl, Kaycie, on November 11, 2014. Mom, Cara, had a perfectly normal pregnancy and Kaycie was born completely healthy. Then, suddenly at just six weeks old, Kaycie’s tiny brain began bleeding and she suffered a major stroke. The family rushed her lifeless body to the nearest emergency room where they were told their daughter likely would not make it through the next 48 hours, and if she does, her quality of life would change forever. Kaycie did live. And her family never lost hope. This began a long, hard road of numerous brain surgeries and procedures at Dell Children’s. After her cranial volt surgery, Kaycie was given a teddy bear. But this wasn’t just your ordinary teddy bear- an amazing Child Life Specialist stitched scars on the teddy bear’s head to match Kaycie's exact scars. She even created drains for the teddy bear just like Kaycie’s- and when Kaycie got her drains removed, so did her bear! She brings the bear with her for each procedure and it gives her so much comfort. "We have met some lifelong friends at Dell Children's through this whole process, who have gone above and beyond to make each stay as comfortable as possible. After each stay we leave knowing even more precious people- we are just so thankful for how they have loved on us through this journey."- Cara Cooper, Kaycie's Mom