Happy Story: NIC-VIEW Cameras

December 14, 2018

Dell Children’s Medical Center is one of only twelve neonatal intensive care units in the entire state of Texas certified as Level Five; offering the highest level of care available for the most critically ill babies. Dell Children’s Level Five NICU (NICK-YOU) specializes in providing care for infants who are severely premature and infants who are critically ill due to surgical or other pediatric needs. While families know their newborns are receiving the best possible care, they are not always able to stay by the bedside 24 hours a day with their child. Parents often have jobs they have to work, other children they have to tend to or even be deployed in the military while their baby is in the NICU. So, a group of donors came together in the community to fund 30 NIC-VIEW cameras to be installed at each child’s bedside at Dell Children’s NICU. This incredible technology provides a live, full color video feed for parents to view right from their phones when they have to be away from the hospital giving families a chance to watch their newborn babies in real time 24/7 around the clock.