LISTEN - Austin Ghost Tours: The real stories behind the Austin ghosts!

October 31, 2017

We (Booker, Alex and Sara) went on the "Austin Ghost Tours" and learned all the real stories behind our Austin Ghosts. These were stories we have never heard about our city before. Austin Ghost Tours is a great date night and fun to experience all year long. Thank you to our hosts Maverick and Monica!

Listen to our favorite stories below, then take the tour to hear all the stories!

Austin Ghost Tours 1: Why does nothing last on Waller Creek? Is it negatively charged? 

Austin Ghost Tour: Why nothing will grow by Waller Creek


Austin Ghost Tours 2: What is the real story of the ghosts at the The Driskill Hotel?

Austin Ghost Tours: The true story of the ghosts at the Driskill Hotel


Austin Ghost Tours 3: The first known American serial killer was in Austin, TX. 

Austin Ghost Tours: The first serial killer was in Austin, TX


Austin Ghost Tours 4: Hear actual EVPs from ghosts here in Austin!

Austin Ghost Tours: EVPs from ghosts in Austin