LISTEN: What's Trending Monday September 28

September 28, 2020

LISTEN: What's Trending Monday September 28

1. ABC's new show "Emergency Call" premieres tonight with host Luke Wilson! The unscripted show looks into 911 dispatchers...including dispatchers here in Austin! Click here for more on the show! 

2. Your next "Real Housewife" could be Caitlyn Jenner!  Sources say she and her BFF Sophia Hutchins are in talks to join the Beverly Hills cast. It sounds like it's Sophia who would actually get the spot on the show . . . but she and Caitlyn are super close, and even live together . . . so you can expect to see a lot of Caitlyn if Sophia joins up. Paris Hilton's mom Kathy is reportedly is also in talks to join the cast! 

3. Someone tried to kidnap one of Joe Motana's grandchildren . . . right out from under his nose.

At around 5:00 P.M. Saturday, a 39-year-old woman walked right into a house that Joe and his wife Jennifer were staying in, and picked the baby up out of a playpen. But Joe and Jennifer saw her, and tried to reason with her and de-escalate the situation.  When that didn't work, a scuffle ensued . . . and Jennifer was able to take the baby back. The woman took off, but cops caught her. Joe Tweeted, quote, "Thank you to everyone who has reached out.  Scary situation, but thankful that everybody is doing well.  We appreciate respect for our privacy at this time."