READ: Sara's short review - Booksmart

June 3, 2019

Dia Dipasupil / Staff / Getty Images


Two best friends spent their high school career as the perfect academic students. Once they realize it didn’t get them any further in life than their peers they vow to prove to the school and themselves that they are not only book smart, but also FUN!

Expectations going in: REALLY high. From the minute I saw the trailer I was excited to see this film.

Good first date movie? Sure!

Favorite part about the movie? The casting! The two leads (Kaitlyn Dever as Amy and Beanie Feldstein as Molly) are so fun to watch. They made me smile and I look forward to seeing them in other films. I will go see their next film 100%

Do I need to bring tissues? Nope! Comedy all the way, however some moments might conjure up some old high school emotions and feelings you thought died years ago.

Would I see it with my parents? No way. My mom’s friends saw it last week and did not like it. I had to explain to my mom that the film was a little on the raunchy side for their taste.

Fun Facts: This film was Olivia Wilds directorial debut!

Overall – There are some amazing moments in this film (aka swimming pool) that took me right back to high school, and I have already added the soundtrack to my playlist. The female friendship was so fun for me to watch!!!  

Here is my only question (and my friend has pointed out that this has been the question regarding teen films since the dawn of time.) Why add the things that give it an R rating? What did it really add to the film? I really wanted this to be a movie about HS kids that all the HS kids could see! I know a lot of parents are way less strict than mine, but I would not have been allowed to see this movie…and that sucks!!!