Sara's Short Review: Late Night

June 19, 2019

By: Matt Winkelmeyer/ Getty Images

Late Night

Iconic Late Night host Katherine Newbury finds her job on the line and fights the need to reinvent herself.

Expectations going in: I feel like I was going to find a way to love this movie no matter what.

Good first date movie? Yes! Nothing embarassing or awkward!

Favorite part about the movie? Emma Thompson’s outfits!

Do I need to bring tissues? No

Would I see it with my parents? Yes! My parents actually saw it opening weekend and texted me to go and see it.

Fun Facts: The film was written by and stars Mindy Kaling!

Overall – Loved it! Full disclosure I love any and all “behind the scenes” movies. Emma Thompson is fantastic and does not age. A lot of reviews describe this movie as "predictable", and it is…but I never see that as a negative. Predictable means that the film is comfortable and familiar and I can wrap myself in it after a hard day.