What's Trending Monday October 19

October 19, 2020

What's Trending Monday October 19

1. On Friday night, THREE different "Will Smiths" were trending on social media . . . thanks to Major League Baseball's NLCS. The series featured the L.A. Dodgers against the Atlanta Braves, and a turning point in the series came on Friday night, when Dodgers catcher Will Smith hit a three-run homer off of Braves pitcher Will Smith. 

2. Coca-Cola just announced they're killing off TAB . . . which was their first-ever diet soda.  It's part of their push to get rid of, quote, "underperforming" products.  So Tab will be gone by the end of the year. Click here for the story.

3. 4 Austin ladies are on the Forbes' richest self-made women! Click here for the full story.

ALSO - we want to mention the oldest UT Letterman passed away at the age of 107. John Henderson was married to his wife Charlotte for 80 years and because of it is now a Guinness World Record.

Last year we had the opportunity to meet John and Charlotte and suprise them for their anniversary.