What's Trending? Is Rob Kardashian single again?

July 26, 2016

What’s Trending: July 26, 2016

1. Drama between Rob Kardashian and his fiancee Blac Chyna. Rob has deleted Blac Chyna off his instagram page and unfollowed her! Is this the end for them?  Click here to read more!

2. Bachelorette Jojo has narrowed her lovers to 2 men. Alex thinks that they are the exact same guy. The good news is now we have 2 great options for the next Bachelor..and one is from Austin! Luke Pell told ET, "It's a possibility." and "I definitely would not pass on it!" Yay! Click here to read more from ET and the guy Alex thinks should be the next Bachelor.

3. I would not want to be an athlete at the Olympics this year. A new report says 19 of 31 Olympic Village buildings are not ready. The buildings are there, they just have not completed all their security checks. The Olympics start next week!!!! Click here to read more!