What's Your Jam 7-23

July 23, 2019

Booker - Booker finally checked out Cherry Creek Catfish company over the weekend with his mom and kids! They have a location in Leander and in South Austin (he went to the one in South Austin by his house.) He got the catfish and really liked it! 

Alex - Alex's realtor dropped off a gift at his door last week and it is a really cool gift! It is a box of coasters called "The Local Deck." Each coaster is a discount to a local hot spot. For example the box has discounts to The Rotton Bunch, Uncle Billys, North by Northwest and Kellie's Baking Company! The box is $20 right now and a perfect gift!

Sara - Sara just joined the rest of the world and got a Costco membership. Her jam is the instagram page Costco Does it Again! The page highlights all the awesome must have stuff that people are discovering at their Costco!