Ever tried these?


October 16, 2017

It tastes like potato, because it is a 'Purple Potato'. honey Ted snuck one in our cart over the weekend to try out.  Several Mix Facebook Friends say it tastes just like the 'White Potato'.  I had both of them cooked, and I thought the Purple Potato had a bit of an earthy taste to it, but still yummy.  It's purple-ish blue full on, water too. Some have issues w/ the color, but I figure it's similar to a beet w/ bright coloring. Looks like it could easily stain my white top when I decide to eat one on 'White Top Day'..  :)  Have you tried / would you try it?

Roasted Garlic Mashed Purple Potatoes recipe. This could be cool for 'Holiday Dinners' coming sooner than we all would probably like. 

I may stick w/ the Purple Veggie theme and try out the 'Purple Sweet Potato'.  This Purple Sweet Potato Pie recipe sounds yummy and looks REALLY PURPLE!