1 of these 3 Holiday Foodie Thingies can make Breakfast Creepy

Yummy Cool or Creepy?

October 23, 2019

SbytovaMN Getty / Images


I ran across some Yummy Cool Looking Foodie Thingies that could get you and others you know in the Holiday spirit.  Or if you're like my honey Ted, a particular one could be Creepy.  You decide...

Yummy Cool or Creepy?

Yummy Cool  smelling for me. Unless you accidentally grab it to drink , that could be Painful Creepy. Or You just don't enjoy the Dr. Pepper smell! - Heather R. 

Yummy Cool for me! Maybe Creepy if you made the scene more Halloween like than Christmas like, but that could still be Cool! 

Yummy Cool for me if they taste just like a yummy sugar cookie. I could even ignore honey Ted's huge dislike to the point it Creeps him out and anything the 'Elf On the Shelf is On'. The cereal sounds like he'd enjoy the taste, but I don't think he'd make it past the Creepiness he feels when he's anywhere near one. 

Family Selfie attempts that turn more towards Creepy than Cool!