10 common phrass that are often used incorrectly

Any OOPS here for you?

November 3, 2020
Tasha Vector Getty Images

I ran across a list of common phrases that are many times used incorrectly. Consider them an OOPS! I have a few OOPS in this list.  How about you?

  1. Wrong: I could care less
    Right: I couldn't care less
  2. Wrong: Butt Naked
    Right: Buck Naked
  3. Wrong: Chock it up
    Right: Chalk it up
  4. Wrong: Expresso
    Right: Espresso
  5. Wrong: Nip it in the butt
    Right: Nip it in the bud
  6. Wrong: Hunger pains
    Right: Hunger pangs
  7. Wrong: Slight of hand
    Right: Sleight of hand
  8. Wrong: Peak / Peek my interest   
    Right: Pique my interest  
  9. Wrong: Worse-case scenario
    Right: Worst-case scenario 
  10. Wrong: Shoe-in
    Right: Shoo-in

Here are several more. bSee if you run across more OOPS! I did.