10 Healthy Foods You Should Buy in Bulk

Be Healthy Green while Saving Green

February 11, 2019

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Treehugger ran a story about buying Ingredients that will keep for a long time. Showing love to bulk grocery stores & shopping offering many organic and local products. Bulk ingredient buying helps w/ the problem of plastic waste, you use a reusable container. Cutting down on food waste, but getting what you need rather than more than you need when it's pre-packaged. This helps w/ the soaring price of grocery bills. You can save even more Green getting bulk ingredients that keep for a long time. 

EcoWatch's list  was used for suggestions of the best healthy foods to buy in bulk, and a few other suggestions thrown in by the Treehugger blogger Katherine Martinko She pointed out the list challenges expiration dates, and that most cases food can last longer than we think, as long as it's properly stored. Although she mentioned checking the FoodKeeper app or Eat by Date if you're in doubt. 


  1. Dried beans & lentils: Eat by Date site gives these an 'indefinite' shelf life because they don't lose their nutritional value. If they loose moisture (after 1-2 yrs), soak and cook them a bit longer.
  2. Rice: White rice can last up to 5 years in a sealed container. 25 - 30 years if vacuum-sealed. Brown rice has a shorter life spand 6-8 months in the pantry, and up to a year in the fridge. 
  3. Oats: Thicker-cut last up to 3 years in an unopened or sealed container. Quick cooking oats 1-2 years, and the oat packets 6-9 months
  4. Honey: Eat by Date 's official expiration date for honey is 'FOREVER'! Stock up w/ no worries. Liquid to crystallized, golden to white. Any of these changes happen it's still safe to eat! 
  5. Frozen berries & vegetables: Unopened  /never thawed frozen produce keeps in the freezer 8-10 months. A visual test for color, texture and not shrivelled up means they're safe to eat.
  6. Nuts in the shell: These last so much longer than pre-shelled nuts. Almonds will keep up to 6 months when stored at 68 degrees. Putting themin the freezer extends the life even more
  7. Coconut oil: Virgin / extra-virgin coconut oil lasts at least 3-5 years past the expiration date.  Refined coconut oil, only 2-3 months.
  8. Grains: Too many grains to list but they are a great category of foods for stocking in bulk. Quinoa last 203 yeras. Instant grits 305 years / if stoned-ground 1 year. Popcorn kernels, Farro, spelt, wild rice, amaranth, bulgur and barley are all safe to stockpile. Grains are great to incorporate in your diet for better health. In bulk saving $$$ too! 
  9. Pure Maple Syrup: Indefinite life span in the frige or freezer.
  10. Dates & other dried fruit: Affordable. Adds sweetness to baked goods/ smoothies, oatmeal & more. Nutritious snacks ... raisins, cranberries, apricots, mangos, figs & more. An indefinite lifespan stored in the freezer. In the fridge you get an extra year on top of their suggested expiration date. In your pantry 6-12 more months

*Add these bulk ingredients to your cooking for healthier dishes/ meals / snacks while helping to keep Planet Earth healthier too! Big Yummy Healthy WIN!