10 Foods that Keep You Cool

#CoolSnacks #OrganicCool #KeepCoolFoods

August 9, 2018

 The Cool Word is that Summer Heat can be beat down w/ these 10 foods. Plus there are many other benefits these foods have for our over all health. Go Organic Cool! Buy local from farms / markets. Doing this can make eating these foods even COOLER, with more benefits for us and Mama Earth! Enjoy!

  1. Red / Grapes: Great snack! They freeze great too. Nice sweet substitution for ice cubes in drinks.
  2. Cucumbers: Slices are refreshing to eat by themselves and salads.  Slices on your tired eyes help w/ relief too.
  3. Coriander: A spice that naturally brings “cool” to the body.
  4. Fennel: A spice that naturally brings "cool" to the body, and also helps w/ stomach digestion
  5. Cilantro: Sprinkling this herb on your meals can be refreshing. It can also help detox the body of Heavy Metals
  6. Coconut Water: Cab cool you down, hydrate you and replace minerals lost when you sweat in the Summer heat
  7. Pomegranate Juice:  Will increase your electrolyte content on a sweaty day, besides cool you off.
  8. Watermelon Juice: A nice snack in between meals to keep cool. 
  9. Peppermint Tea: Soothing for the body to help keep you cool, and helps w/ digestion.
  10. Chrysanthemum Petals: The petals are great in tea form, and will lower your internal temperature. They are known to help w/ tension headaches &  throbbing gums. They will also help w/ your digestion when you eat to much fried and barbecued foods

Make Snack Time a yummy COOL down time!