10 Passive Aggressive Phrases Many use at Work

Here's what they actually mean!

February 6, 2020
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I ran across a list of Passive Aggressive Phrases that many use , as a Coping Skill at work, getting the tone out in what appears to be a Nice Way. I checked them out, and recognized many. I'm guilty of using some too. How about you?

Here are 10 Passive Aggressive Phrases most use at Work
(no particular order... reason below)                                              

  1. Phrase: I'm a little confused.                                                      
    Meaning: Work rage masked professionally.
  2. Phrase: Just to clarify ...                                                                 
    Meaning: I'm going to ask the question again simpler, so you can see how stupid what you're asking me to do is.
  3. Phrase: Thank you for your feedback. I'll keep it in mind.          
    Meaning: Your opinion is unwanted, but they're pretending to consider it.
  4. Phrase: As previously discussed...                                              
    Meaning: It wasn't in writing, but it was thought that you are an adult and would remember it.  
  5. Phrase: Per my last email...                                                          
    Meaning: Do you fricking know how to read? 
  6. Phrase: In the future, please correspond w/ (_) on this issue.     
    Meaning: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT message me about this BS again! 
  7. Phrase: I wanted to follow up.                                                     
    Meaning: You forgot didn't you? 
  8. Phrase: With all due respect...                                                     
    Meaning: Nope.. no respect.
  9. Phrase: I'm sorry my explanation was a little vague.                  
    Meaning: I see you deliberately misunderstood me, so now I will slowly explain it to death.
  10. Phrase: While I understand your urgancy...                                  
    Meaning: Your procrastination, does not make it my emergency.

These are 10 of 35 Passive Aggressive Phrases. See if the others look familiar They may come in handy in the future. Phrase: Have a Happy & Productive Day at Work!  Meaning: Be Happy and Look Busy! Enjoy!