10 thingies you can make with canned biscuits

Happy canned dough Fall y'all!

September 29, 2020
Canned biscuits in Heather's fridge

Canned biscuits in Heather's fridge


10 yummy reasons to have a can or more of biscuits in your fridge. Besides using them for biscuits, canned dough can make yummy pizza crust. I was reminded how much canned dough can do by Nicole with her 10 canned biscuit hacks. She shows all 10 in under 7 minutes. It kept my attention, and made me super hungry for any of them. Now to decide which one to try first.  I only had sweet biscuits in my fridge right now, so I could do some of the10 hacks. Although it's better to have regular biscuits / dough handy for any of them.   

10 thingies you can make with canned biscuit dough: 

  1. casseroles
  2. calzones  (turnovers, pockets..)
  3. muffins  (this could be a fav of mine)
  4. monkey bread 
  5. pigs-in-a-blanket  (wrap it up)
  6. knots  (garlic, sweet )
  7. piecrust  (pot / fruit pies / cobblers)
  8. dumplings  (chicken & dumplings)
  9. doughnuts  (curbs the craving)
  10. waffles  (mini / bites)
  11. pizza crust  (my hack ) press on the pizza pan / baking sheet / bake 6-7 minutes / add sauce/ toppings / bake 20-25 min / enjoy

We had some canned sweet biscuit dough in the frig with some leftover frosting, and gave the donuts a try. Turned out YUMMY! - Heather, Ted & Rudy