Will your furbaby do these 3 THINGIES when the Clock Falls Back Sunday?

Furbaby Parents Be Ready!

November 1, 2019

The reminder of setting the clock back an hour on Sunday (11/3) at 2am at first sounds like ... 'YES.. an Extra Hour of SLEEP!' WAIT!!! Unless you have a furbaby, then all bets are off on extra sleep or even rest. I ran across several write ups about the end of daylight savings time, and how it can mess w/ a furbabies internal clock. They gave pointers on what to do a few weeks before the 'Fall Back.'  So I'm pretty much out of luck when it comes to my puppy Rudy. Just shy of 9 months (11/4) when the time change happens. I'm figuring this will mess w/ his internal system. He's just figuring out what to do, and what he can get away with. I'm sure there will be  a test for a few days. So I'm sharing w/ you what 3 Stranger Thingies could happen. If / when it does, there shouldn't be any Big Surprise. Or I've found that's what most furbaby parents I know hope for ... 

3 Stranger Thingies Your Furbaby May do When Daylight Savings Time Ends:
Note to self: Animals (Your furbaby's name here) don't have a routine set by a clock like humans (you) use to stay on schedule. They have a biological clock that helps them know when to do their daily furbaby business. Their humans (you) usually help w/ telling them when too. When both of those Thingies get messed up, then Thingies happen. 

  1.  Potty / Poo Thingie: Many furbabies have an early morning potty time. When that gets delayed an hour because their humans (you) are sleeping in, then all bets are off waiting to go outside. Have the cleaning kit nearby, so when you wake up, or smell it close by, you're ready to clean it up. This could happen for a few days, past that, probably your furbaby is taking advantage of the situation. But they're CUTE right? 
  2. Time to Eat: An hour later won't cut it. Expect the 'I'm hungry sad face look lying next to their bowl.' It can progress to headbanging on the bowl to create noise. If that doesn't work, dumping the bowl over, or the water bowl next to it so there's some clean up involved, to get your attention are possible. Always keep in mind 'They're Cute!" 

  3. Together Time:  Play time! Show Attention to ME Time. If this thingie is delayed, or cut to your furbaby's disliking than expect a patience breaker. Barking, howling, chewing things (like your favorite shoes/ or leather couch) are likely. Paying attention to the furbaby is the most important thing that needs to be addressed. Don't expect anyone to get sleep another night ... including family, neighbors ... anyone close by.  Be prepared to PLAY! Have a favorite chewy bone ready! Remember they are CUTE! This Thingie can really last longer than you'd expect. Again, remember they are CUTE, and why you are together in the first place. Even if you're sleep deprieved.  You're doing that together with LOVE!

Click here to find out what this really said. But again, it should have been read a few weeks ago, so you could work on the THINGIES before the time Falls Back. This is the best I could do in such short amount of time.  Remember 3 Thingies after your clocks Fall Back on Sunday at 2am:  BE PREPARED!  HAVE PATIENCE! REMEMEBER THEY'RE CUTE!