5 Thingies about Brynn Elliott on International Women's Day

West of the Fest 2019 Performer

March 8, 2019

Brynn Elliott on Heather's Bulletin Board


I was excited to see that Brynn Elliott is part of the lineup for West of the Fest 2019 at Buford's this year. She did a lounge towards the end of summer last year. I snuck out of the Mix studio to catch some of her live performance for some Mix Friends w/ Bennies.  Brynn's beauty & talent shines from the inside out. Her star is rising, and you'll have a chance to see it first hand during WOTF 2019


  1. Brynn is a 24-year-old singer / songwriter 
  2. Brynn studied Philosophy at Harvard. She didn't let her first refusal to Harvard stop her from applying a year later. The second time she also sent her music.  She was accepted. Studying hard, and performing when and wherever she could. Now she's a Harvard grad (2018) with a growing music career! 
  3. Brynn's song Time of our Lives was inspired by the advice her mom gave her during her last year of college. "Be present in the moment. Have Fun!"'
  4. Brynn's advice if you have a side hustle & a 9-to-5: "Don't be afraid to say 'NO", and don't be afraid to ask for what you need. Even if you're feeling a little fearful, it's always better to ask than to not ask." (GWork)
  5. Brynn enjoyed being in ATX , meeting some Mix Friends and performing in the Mix Lounge. She's excited about coming back to enjoy the experience of ATX performing for even more Mix Friends at #WOTF2019! Here are are some Brynn Elliott moments in the Mix Lounge hosted by Sean Mack last year ... (start it a minute into it, unfortunately Facebook live was fuzzy before that)  

West of the Fest 2019 is Free! 21 & up! Play hookey from work on Friday (3/15) and join Mix 94.7! It's going to Rock!  

Brynn's journey is a perfect example of what is being celebrated today & everyday. International Women's Day  Intelligent, Strong, Beautiful & more ... Striving to be the Best Brynn she can be. While encouraging others to be the Best they can be ... #BalanceforBetter  #IWD20129  Brynn's top 20 hit is the perfect ear candy for today! #BetheBestYouBoo