5 Top Green Appliances for Your Home

How Green Are Your Home Appliances?

December 30, 2019
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Every couple of years appliances get better and better when it comes to Energy Saving. Your old appliances could be holding you back when it comes to Saving Energy. More Energy Saving Is Greener and Saves You Green too.  Here are 5 key appliances to look into when it comes to Saving Even More Energy during 2020!

  1. Energy Star Washers and Dryers They are about 50% more efficient than older models. Plus, they aren’t a whole lot more expensive than traditional models. Most show after 4 months of use the cost is offset because of lower utility bills.
  2. Home Elevators Eco elevators for the home are the newest green appliance that has soared in popularity especially w/ older homeowners who need a safe, efficient way to get from floor to floor. They surprisingly use little energy, and help prevent serious injury from falling down the stairs, and add to the resale value of a home. It’s a Triple Green Play and more!
  3. Smaller Refrigerators Larger, two-door units that were once part of the traditional kitchen are getting downsized by power-conscious people. Downsizing electricity use has created  a spike in sales for small refrigerators. Extremely popular w/ couples w/ no kiddos and small families. A frig half-size takes up less space, costs less and uses only around 40% of the energy a full-sized frig uses.
  4. Energy-Saving Windows Green Windows for old and new homes are the most popular devices. Installing them all over your home can be pricey, but they pay for themselves in about 3 years. They can reduce a residential utility bill by up to 60%. A Green investment worth looking into.
  5. Programmable Thermostats Less than $40 can change the way you heat and cool your home. You’ll help your HVAC run more efficiently. Easy installation, low cost and the expectation to pay about 15-20 percent less for electricity each month makes this a popular energy saver.

Replacing the old w/ the new making it a Greener 2020! You’ll also be seeing more Green! Big #1Thing Win for 2020!