7 Eco-Friendly Milk Alternatives Get Tested

4 Popular Ways each are Consumed

December 10, 2018



The Sierra Club recently did taste tests of 7 eco-friendly milk alternatives. They are all plant-based and are more ecofriendly than dairy. Many alternative milk products are sourced with eco-sustainability  in mind. More eco-friendly milk consumers have been turning to more alternative milk products to help reduce the carbon foot print. With Almond Milk sales rising 250% from 2011- 2016, it's motivated the introduction of more alternative milk products.  

The Sierra Club tested  7 plant- based ecofriendly milk alternatives, flax, macadamia, pea, coconut, cashew, hemp, and oat. Each were tested in 4 ways they were most likely to be consumed. 

  1. Directly from a glass,
  2. Swirled into coffee
  3. Dunked with a cookie
  4. Poured over cereal 


  1. Pleasant, slightly sweet smell & taste
  2. Blends nicely in coffee 
  3. Dunked cookie was 'Damp'
  4. Mixed w/ cereal found to be not really carb compatible

Greyish color & the chalky soapy consistency of the  Unsweetened Protein Plus version seems to be better blended in a smoothie milk alternative


  1. It poured with an almost perfect, milk like consistency, velvety white w/ speckles similar to vanilla bean ice cream
  2. Barista formula has a rich caramel hue w/ a hint of shortbread flavor that lingers on the tongue. Better than regular milk in coffee
  3. Dunked cookie was subtly soft and lightly sweet
  4. Mixed in cereal it gave a bit of a vanilla kick to it

Milkadamia Macadamia Nut Milk company focuses on the sustainability of it's products.Seemed to be a fav w/ taste testers. 


  1. The pour was described as a viscous, beige liquid that smelled musty and tasted mustier
  2. In coffee, the pea milk separated like oil and water. The milk marbled & floated to the top
  3. Dunked cookie didn't have much flavor either way with the pea milk
  4. In cereal, a stronger gritty burnt rubber taste happened

Ripple Pea Milk didn't seem to get much love taste tester wise, but it's yellow peas grow in an area that has lots of rain. It's much more eco-friendly and sustainable when it comes to farming & producing the product. Ripple Pea leads the pea-milk revolution making its bottles from 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic. It seems if the presentation and taste could be much more improved ... Ripple Pea Milk would be an Eco-Friendly Milk Alternative Winner! 


  1. The pour in the glass was watery, and quickly separated into chalky particles w/ a flavor that was described as  'aggressively neutral'. It also left a dust like coating on the glass.
  2. In coffee, it caused the coffee to sour with floating white flecks in it.
  3. The cookie didn't retain any of the liquid when dunked
  4. In cereal it had a strange metallic taste to it

A plus is that most Coconut farming has relatively low impact on the environment when produced.  But the Taste Testers categorized 'So Delicious Coconut Milk'  as 'Does NOT Play Nicely with Others'. 


  1. The pour ended as smoky and bland with a chalky aftertaste that coats the tongue
  2. In coffee, it was thin, watery and compromised the taste of the coffee
  3. A dunked cookie had very light saturation which saved it's taste
  4. It made the cereal soggy, flavorless w/ the grayish tinge amplified in color 

Less water is needed to grow Cashews, which makes it a more eco-friendly alternative than the Almond. A Cashew is a drupe, but the taste testers felt like they were duped w/ this particular brand of Cashew Milk.


  1. It tasted slightly like grass (not that grass.. it won't get you high). It left a lingering sooty aftertaste.
  2.  In coffee, it kept separating
  3. The flavor in the dunked cookie overwhelmed the cookie taste
  4. The same in cereal, the taste was too overwhelming

The plus is Hemp is extremely eco-friendly when it comes to growing and farming. The negative .. the taste in just about everyway for the Taste Testers. Hemp milk would not be considered in their milk alternative rotation.


  1. Oat milk has the consistency of milk when poured, w/ the beige hue color being a bit off-putting. Stand alone taste is similar to the milk left behind at the bottom of a bowl of Cheerios.
  2. In Coffee, the barista version steams well in coffee w/ a hint of wheat and a warm coating taste of hot oatmeal
  3. The dunk complimented the cookie flavor
  4.  It paired perfect in cereal 

Oatly Oat Milk marketing combines humor w/ their sustainability factor logic.

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