Are you a Corn, Flour or Other Tortilla Fan? Catch Others here..

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July 19, 2018



I've noticed living in ATX around 11 years, there are solid fans of the Corn Tortilla.. many of them. You would think growing up in Omaha, NE. Learning football w/ my daddy Maurice watching the state's team the Cornhuskers play. Being raised on Cornfeed beef. You would think I'd be a Big fan of Corn Tortillas. But I'm more of a Flour Tortilla Fan, especially when Queso's involved... Flour Tortilla chips.. Yummy. I'm thinking a Midwestern Thang. I did happen to run across some  'Other Tortilla' options that could have you straying from the straight Corn & Flour Tortillas...

7 Types of Tortilla You Didn't Know Existed:
Foodbeast's Isa Rocha did this write up on these 7. 

  1. Blue Corn - I guess that's different from the general corn since it's Blue Corn Tortilla?
  2. Nopal - Cactus mixed in corn flour to make a Tortilla -  It has more Cactus than Corn, so considered a Cactus Tortilla?
  3. Hoja Santa - This sounds Christmasy? It's a Mexican Pepperleaf, Hoja Santa is leafy herb that is blended and incorporated in tortilla masa. It gives the Tortilla a green color.. Christmasy! 
  4. Beet Root - Beet root, and Chickpea powder mixed in to make sweeter tasting Pink Tortilla. Never go wrong w/ Sweet & Pink right? 
  5. Jalopeno & Nopal - A Green Kick Your Butt Tortilla! Served for dinner for guests you'd like to see leave earlier. Pair w/ a Jalopeno Margarita.. Bye, Bye time could be pushed up.
  6. Pan Arabe - Tacos that use a thin Pita Bread base as the Tortilla
  7. Jamiaca - This Tortilla is made from the Jamaica Flower w/ the process of hot water being poured on the dried flower causes the Dark Hibiscus color. This would be considered a 'True Flower Tortilla' right?

So the Big Question ... If you had to pick '1', which Tortilla Fan are you ?