Would it be cool if your Grandma had this hobby?

If You've Got it! Flaunt It... at any age!

March 29, 2019

ID 58228570 @ Scott Griessel / Dreamstime.com


Marilyn, a grandma of 2, had lost her hubby after battling Parkinson's disease. Her kids moved. She felt lonely & empty. After her 70th birthday she took up a hobby ... Burlesque Dancing.  She goes to class once a week to learn a routine. This hobby has given her a Love of Life. She's lost weight ... feeling healthier and great about herself. Marilyn has found herself again at 71 plus...

Here's what Marilyn would tell anyone who asks about ... "It’s made me feel sexy again. I’m quite happy doing what I’m doing and if [I] met someone I’d feel confident enough to go for it,” she said. I would say to anyone just to try it. We’re all living longer and should be out there doing things, not staying at home feeling miserable.” 

Would you be cool w/ your Grandma doing this?  Or another thought ... when you're 70, would you try it?   


#MarilynRocks  #YouGoGirl  "I hope if I run across a time where I need a renew in life, I'll find something that makes me just as Happy & feeling fulfilled like Marilyn ... no matter what age." Heather