8 Ways to Make Laundry Time Greener

Tips to Save Your Clothes, Wallet and Planet

April 6, 2020
Washing machine

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The 50th Anniversary of Earth Day is coming April 22nd! Celebrate! There are easy 1Things you can do when it comes to doing Laundry. They will help you save money, your clothing and Mama Earth! Some tips you can do during this time of COVID-19. The more 1Things that can be done, the better the renewal time post COVID-19 will be.

  1. Switch Your Loads from Hot to Warm (eventually Cold) An energy saver, which will save you $. It also helps save the colors and life of your clothing. Not to mention helps prevents shrinkage.
  2. Tweak the Settings Having your dryer set on Normal / Standard  will cause it to shutoff when things are dry, rather than cooking your clothing coming out HOT!
  3. Save the Oceans from Shredding Microplastics come from clothing that the washer many times loosens up to end up in our Oceans.
  4. Dry Longer and Lower Be more efficient when using the dryer.
  5. Air Dry More Hanging clothing outside saves energy, money and can smell nice!
  6. Choose Safer Suds Look for the EPA’s green and blue Safer Choice log when shopping.
  7. Beware of ‘GREEN’ Dry Cleaners Find out if their solvent is really ‘Organic’ or ‘Green’.
  8. Wear More / Wash Less You might not have this luxury during COVID-19 time. Be sure you’re taking care of any chances of infection when it comes to wearing your clothing. Do a larger load rather than many smaller loads. Conserve as much water as you can, which will help.

Find out lots more about all these tips to help during Laundry Time: