The 9 MOST HATED Email phrases

#MostHatedEmailPhrases #StopBeingPassiveAggressive

August 28, 2018



  • Email use has gone up 17%. The average time many spend checking / answering emails is 3.1 hours each day. 

Seems like to me these phrases are overused because you're waiting to hear back, and not getting a response in a very timely manner.  Depending on who it is... You may have to be careful how to word the follow up email. That's where these passive aggressive phrases come in. Instead of  following up with an email like...  "Hey, what the heck is your answer?" ... "Could someone please responsed to me before a few days / week?" ...  too Aggressive? 

How long do you wait for a response before sending a follow up email?  That's another poll in the making... 
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