A Must Watch! Husbands of Target Unite!

Do you know a Target Husband? Are you one? This Rocks!

February 19, 2020
Target Shopping Cart

mdilsiz / GettyImages


Anyone else guilty of running into Target telling your Honey 'It will only be a few minutes'. Maybe an hour or more later you're coming out w/ your Target goodies, showing them to your honey trying to ignore the fact it took more than a few minutes. This will be familiar. This video has gone viral creating a Facebook group that is well over 2800 strong and growing ...

Have you created a Husband of Target?  Are you a Husband of Target?  This will answer those questions and example a whole lot more that can save a marriage, and allow you to shop all you want at Target. A Happy Hubby / Honey is a Happy Shopping Trip at Target ... 

honey Ted jokes he'll see me in an hour, while he hangs in the car w/ Rudy. Husbands of Target in SW ATX brewing ... 

Do you know of any Husbands of Target in the ATX area?