A PB so popular there's a countdown clock to PB flavor launches!

Nerdy Nuts next PB flavors launch!

November 13, 2020
PB Spread Nuts Jirkaejc

With holiday shopping kicking in, it's always fun to run across something that might not be the daily norm someone you know might enjoy.  honey Ted & I have some family members who are Harry Potter fans, so when I saw 'Buy Harry Potter Butterbeer-Flavored Peanut Butter', I had to click. Finding Nerdy Nuts a family owned peanut butter company in South Dakota run by Craig Mount and Erika Peterson. Erika's love of PB had her buying varieties at a specialty store during her lunch breaks. It ended up closing and sparked her inspiration. 

Thanks to Tik Tok Nerdy Nuts, a small batch peanut butter company, went from making $1000 a month to $500K in sales. Here's the story ... 

Since HP PB was sold out, I checked out Nerdy Nuts other flavors that included Fluffernutter, Circus Peanuts, Monster Cookie and more... ALL SOLD OUT! At the top of their website a countdown clock to Sunday 11/ 15 for a new flavor launch & restock! PB with a countdown makes me want it even more!! Last launch sold out in a matter of minutes!  May the PB buy power be with you!