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Give InStok a Try! It Rocks!

March 26, 2020
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Two UT computer science students, 19-year-old Rithwik Pattikonda and 18-year-old Darshan Bhatta, felt bad for their family shopping all over for  groceries and the essentials. Something we are all finding ourselves in 5 -6 stores trying to get basic need groceries. They decided to take a week, Spring Break, and created a website that they call 'The Expedia' for grocery shopping. With well over 17.000 users, InStok is quickly becoming a popular grocery search fav. 

  InStok is really easy to use. You type a product in and your zip code, and BAM stores nearby come up showing their inventory.  It's free to use. Rithwik & Darshan hope this site will venture past COVID-19 item searches and be able to help w/ future shopping needs that include Black Friday / Holiday shopping. They aren't getting paid, but you can donate for coffee / help with site fees.  

Give a try.  They deserve a butt load of coffees for creating this. Y'all Rock! 

(CBS Austin)

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