A thought from Heather 's closet

Be Kind to Stay Kind

June 22, 2020
Thought from Heather's Closet

There are certainly a lot of stressful happenings, and sometimes that stress can stop from the common good from coming out. Kindness is one of the most important thingies that we can do for others and ourselves. Being Kind will help us Stay Kind. 

A perfect example is J.C., a working mama who spends her extra hours making masks for others for Free. Helping with taking care of the well-being of others during this COVID-19 pandemic is a HUGE KINDNESS! 

Act of Kindness Ideas:

  • Shop / buy/ deliver food for a neighbor staying home / someoned who is vulnerable.  If you can't do it yourself, have it delivered. Volunteer for a food drive
  • Get protective gear for those in need Masks by J.C.
  • Donate to charities / organizations helping the community 
  • Listen. During this time others may be feeling down / depressed, just needing someone to talk too. 
  • Take care of an animal. Walking / going to the vet. Volunteering at an animal shelter. Rudy Roo approved. My 1 1 /2 old Shih Tzu. 
  • Send a 'care package'. Show someone you care, and thinking about them. Send a Comfort Food Care Package to a Texas family in need. 

Be Kind to Stay Kind! Big Thanks to J.C. for the Awesome Masks. Sent with an inspiring message. J.C. ROCKS! 

Masks aren't so bad when you're Lovin' the one you're wearing! 

 Masks by JC