ACC NRG Garden Day w/ the Monarchs

#EarthWeekACC #1Thing #HeatherandhoneyTed

April 19, 2017

honey Ted & I had the chance to celebrate #EarthWeekACC helping tend the gardens at the  ACC Northridge Campus for their NRG Garden Day. Kat, Alyssa, Antonio, George and the rest of the ACC crew & volunteers were all so COOL.. patient.. informative...   We also got to discover the Monarchs (caterpillars) first hand. AMAZING! honey Ted & I  met many Kind Spirits and are better people for it. It was a privilege to plant my first plants EVER at ACC Northridge. Can you believe that? This old (over 21 by a bit :) ) and it was the 1st time I actually planted something myself!  It was Gardening 101 for me, but I sure did have fun learning.. plus a  fantastic #1Thing to help Mama Earth. I believe she approved 100%.. Watch this & you'll see why...

Photo credit: Jennifer Klanika / ACC Department of Professional Photography

*I also learned not to get ride of Milkweed (thinking it's an annoying weed), because that is the plant Monarch caterpillars eat and eventually turn into Butterflies  If you grow/ keep MIlkweed, you may find your yard could be a Butterfly rest stop , which would be NICE! *