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Heather & honey Ted's 1st Time 'Not Blowing It Off!' #GoPinkATX

September 23, 2016

Update 9/23/16:

Thank you to all who sent me well wishes for my October 5th MRI.  It's very important to get your check ups and have your Mammograms. If you need to do more afterwards, do it.  Follow through on your health. Prevention / Early Detection is important w/ any health issue, which includes the fight against Breast Cancer. Here are few Mix Friends who shared .  Keep the 'Go Pink Talk' coming! The more we talk about it, the more others will take care of themselves too.  Understand it is important, because YOU ARE IMPORTANT! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF TOO!

Mix Facebook Friends 'Go Pink Talk'.. 

Ann Marie I wish more offices would start out early rather then later.I think 25 then test again at 30 35 40, and at 45 start doing yearly screenings. I had a friend pass way on Saturday. They found cancer in her breast in july had double mastectomy, started treatment come to find out it had spread to her brain. Two weeks ago she had become to weak to continue treatments. She was 32 years old leaving behind a husband of 9 years two son's 5 and 2. Had we started testing sooner maybe hers would have been caught sooner. Self checks are great but they aren't what we need to see what the lump is.. Early decetion is what we need..

I agree w/ you Ann Marie Early detection is very important. Thoughts and hugs go out to you, her family & friends, such a Big heartbreaking loss. Thank you for sharing this, Keep spreading the word to women and men. Prevention & Early Detection is a Big Deal when it comes to your overall health.  Heather Rivera #GoPinkATX  

Veronica Garza I had my yearly mammogram on Thursday and got a call Monday that I needed to go in because they saw an area that had changed from last year. I went back yesterday and had to do several more images. Everything turned out okay, just some dense tissue. Fingers crossed that everything turns out okay for you as well!

I'm so Happy to know that all is good. Thank you Veronica for sharing your recent experience. Thank you for the crossed fingers. I appreciate it. You Rock! Heather Rivera #GoPinkATX

Holly Hadigian Renew Thank you Heather! What a powerful message! This is such a good thing you have shared. Even if one person gets back on track, gets checked and/or gets an early diagnosis, you are a huge success! Don't worry either. It's all rather unnerving but you will be fine. Am always there for you. Even just to listen. Been there, done that, survived it. Blessed and grateful.

Thank you Holly Hadigian Renew Big Hugs to you! You Rock! Heather Rivera #GoPinkATX 


This morning when I got into work my first text was from my honey Ted. I thought maybe he sent me an 'I Love You. Have a Great Day!' text. When I opened it about 1/2 hour before my show this is what the text said....'Call Jukes office they would like to schedule MRI or sonogram after looking at mammogram. Sounds like everything is okay just want to check dense tissue. Love you.' Of course after that text there were several more. If you caught an earlier blog  Don't Blow It Off', I mentioned how I was getting my yearly physical / gyno check up / blood test & my yearly Mammogram. 

This year, I actually did the 3D Mammogram for the 1st time, which has way more advanced technology for screening than the 2D. I've been w/ the same doctor, Dr. Lisa Jukes since honey Ted & I moved to ATX.. almost 10 years ago. When I first came to her office she had me do a Mammogram so we had something to compare later. I was adopted when I was 3 weeks old, and I don't have any knowledge of any blood related medical history, which includes Breast Cancer. I checked out my patient portal on Dr. Jukes website. She has this cool set up where you can see just about everything that you have done at her office. I know since I have smaller breasts the tissue/ area has always been considered more dense. This has been mentioned for the past few years. So I'm a bit freaked out that things seem different when I get my first 3D Mammogram and the dense breast tissue issue needs to be pursued more. Although, I have already mentioned there's no blood related medical history that I know of, so this is the next step to take to make sure my health is on track.  

When I checked out my patient problem area write up, this was listed ...'Fibroadenosis of left breast & Fibroadenosis of right breast'  What is this? Well, I found out it's this... 
'Noncancerous changes that give a breast a lumpy or ropelike texture ... Very common... more than 3 million US cases per year ... lab tests and imaging is often required. The condition is likely due to hormone changes during the menstrual cycle. Symptoms can change in breast tissue texture, it can be tender with lumpiness.. many changes are normal, and a doctor evaluation is needed for new changes...'  Doing further research has made me feel better about the next step I'll take for Prevention / Early Detection when it comes to Breast Cancer screening. It also gives me an even better understanding why I had to schedule the MRI right at the end of my cycle. So the plan is to have an MRI after my show on October 5th to have a much better idea of what's up with my dense breast tissue. Of course the mind goes to the WORST scenario right away. So... I went to  I clicked on the 'Think Pink' section and found a resource where I discovered 'Breast Cancer Myths'. This was extremely helpful too. That big 'F-word' isn't as scary now knowing exactly what's expected. If something else happens, well honey Ted & I will go from there.  Yes, this was our 1st text dealing with a mammogram find, but knowing the things I do now from when I first got this text this morning ... A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE!  

Of course since I'm a thinker, I can't say I won't get worried or stressed, because the unknown is scary, but I will do what needs to be done to stay the course of Prevention, and if it came down to it..'Early Detection / or Detection in general ' this way is a better path to take... Which has me thinking about a Mix friend, I won't say her name, but we chatted last Friday. She hasn't had a Mammogram in years. She's in the range where a yearly one is best to keep up on her health. She first mentioned she was worried about the cost. I totally get that. The cost, even if you have insurance, stretches and can break a budget. But there are ways to get what you need for your health, which is the MOST IMPORTANT. have lots of resources to turn to for assistance. The Breast Cancer Resource Center is one that is extremely helpful. Then she said to me, 'I don't want to do it because they could find something.' Yes, that's scary, but that is also the point for Prevention  / Early Detection, which is always better than waiting until something feels really wrong to get it checked. I suggested she think about reconsidering getting a check up, because her health is important for her and her family. She smiled and walked away.  You have to want to take care of yourself. If you don't, no one will be able to talk you into it. You have to want to do it for yourself and your Loved ones. I get that, but you need to remember this ... 'There's only 1 You! You Matter! Take Care of Yourself!'  

Check back, I'll let you know how the MRI procedure goes. honey Ted will be with me for support. I'm lucky to have him in my life. He's a Keeper for sure. It could also be helpful if you or someone you know may need to get one in the future. Let's not hide what needs to be done to take care of our health. Let's share our experiences...  Ladies and Guys too. The more it's discussed the more the path to Prevention / Early Detection will be traveled. This can lead to more Happy times of our own and with our Loved ones! Isn't that what LIFE Is all about?... I think so ... #DontBlowItOff   #YouAreWorthIt  #GoPinkATX  #LoveIs ... 

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