Killing Eve Returns this Spring

Look out for 3 Cast Additions

January 17, 2019



As Sandra Oh enjoys her Golden Globe win for her Fantastic portrayal of Eve, we can get ready for her return for some big time 'UnFinished Biz' with Villanelle. Killing Eve Season 1 ending with Eve stabbing Villanelle (Jodie Comer) has us wanting more. Killing Eve Season 2 is expected to start April 7 on BBC America. 

I'm so glad honey Ted & I accidentally ran across the re-run of the first show. We watched and became hooked.  Especially w/ the dynamic chemistry Eve & Villanelle have for each other. Don't know whether to Hate or Love each other.  Jodie Comer is amazing at making Villanelle a murderous villian you cheer for (at times). It seems wrong, but right too ... 

According to BBC America, Killing Eve Season 2 will pick up right where KES1 left off—with assassin Villanelle getting away after being stabbed by Eve. This leaves Eve on edge not knowing if she is alive or dead. Eve has to find Villanelle before someone else does. Unfortunately, she's not the only person looking for her. Look out for 3 new cast members added to the mix of #KillingEve2 : Nina Sosanya (Good Omens) and Edward Bluemel(A Discovery of Witches) will join the series and  Julian Barratt (Mindhorn) will guest star. Click here for promo photos & more.

This is the Killing Eve trailer from the last episode of season 1.  Jog the memory of just how Awesome it is. Need more jogging?  Click here to watch Season 1!  Paid-isodes here
Get ready for April 7th!