All FUN Broke Loose in the Mix Lounge w/ Arlissa

#Arlissa #HeartsAintGonnaLie

March 8, 2018

I had the pleasure meeting and getting to know Arlissa. Talented, Beautiful, Smart & Fun.. Genuine// a rising star SHINING BRIGHT!

5 Thingies About Arlissa

  1. Arlissa is German (daddy) & American (Mama / Louisiana) raised in England. 
  2. Arlissa got hooked on music after watching the Prince movie Purple Rain suggested by her daddy who has played in a Prince Tribute Band
  3. Big Time Junk Food Lover- Popeyes, Taco Bell, Wendy's (& more). She must always have chips around...Ruffles (regular)
  4. Arlissa had pet turtles  & hamster growing up.
  5. Arlissa's new single is 'Heart Ain't Gonna LIe' 

Bonus: Arlissa showed us how to 'Bicycle' and a dance party busted out in the MIx Lounge...

Here's Arlissa's new video 'Hearts Ain't Gonna LIe'... Time to get your 'Bicycle On' and keep your eyes & ears open for Arlissa!