An Amazing & Unique Gift idea for a (New) Parent

This Mom Creates Custom Embroidery Ultrasounds - AMAZING!

December 20, 2019
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I'm not much of a crafty person. I don't have the patience for cross-stitching / embroidery and those types of thingies. I have tried, but really didn't enjoy doing it. Where some can release their stress doing it, it actually stressed me out when I would be getting it done.  BUT... I can appreciate the talents of others who do enjoy these types of crafts, and create AMAZING pieces. 

This is the case of  Veselka Bulkan, owner of  Little Herb Bouquet, an embroidery business. Business has been GOOD since she decided in 2017 to embroidery her ultrasound and send it out as the announcement to others about her bundle of joy.  It's AMAZING!!! 

Veselka's ultrasound masterpieces are $300, and they ship worldwide. If you wanted to try it yourself, she also has a baby ultrasound embroidery tutorial on Etsy for just under $40 you can get it here!  If you're like me, and Love it, but wouldn't and couldn't create it. You could get on her wait list here!  Her instagram:  It's an amazing and cool gift idea for a new parent, and really any parent, who wants to capture the ultrasound moment another unique way.