Rudy's Cone Conundrum: Sweet Rudy vs Wild Rudy!

Cone Day 6!

August 6, 2019

Rudy's Cone Day #6


honey Ted & I are at a loss of what is happening w/ our Sweet Rudy ever since The Cone. Yes, he had #PurePuppyPower, but this has been kicked up BIG TIME since he had his surgical procedures last Wednesday. Today it's Day 6 w/ THE CONE!  The Cone is necessary so he doesn't mess w/ the areas that are healing. If it was just the neutering procedure, that area looks pretty much healed. It would be alright to take The Cone off. BUT the other procedure was fixing a herniated belly button, so that area is right in the middle of his tummy. An area he keeps trying to get to w/ his back foot, and rub when stretching on the ground. He's supposed to be CALM, Not SUPER ENERGETIC so the area that is glued doesn't get infected / or break open.

Rudy just turned 6 months, so trying to calm down the #PurePuppyPower can be a challenge in itself.  Add 'THE CONE' w/ the aggression that has gotten more and more elevated each day. Belly button area is taking longer to heal, because of this. If he were to scratch it / mess w/ it, this would not be a Good Thing. The Conundrum of THE CONE ... It is protecting him from himself, and also making Sweet Rudy turn into a Wild Rudy ... much  more Aggressive w/ Biting, Jumping, Barking ...In bits it looks cute, but something that continually happens more and more each day, it's not fun. It's frustrating... This is what last night's Anxiety Aggression caused ...

Here's a taste of Sweet Rudy taking a break during his 1st haircut ... 

Here's Rudy w/ The Cone on when #PurePuppyPower started kicking in w/ the Aggression starting to grow. I covered up my feet, because he was trying to biting them to hard w/ his sharp puppy teeth. I was trying to calm him w/ the blanket, and keep him from jumping or running around, which wasn't easy ... 

Looks like THE CONE is staying, or figuring out something so Rudy can heal. The aggression wears him out, so Super Sleepy Chill Rudy makes visits too. That's when we can re-group to get ready for Rudy w/ THE CONE to strike ... sometimes in the form of Biting .. others times Barking / Growling at things!  We'll keep you posted. Sweet Rudy is around, and we're anxious to see him a lot more often! More Snuggles wanted!  Heather and honey Ted. Sweet / Wild Rudy too!