Andy Grammer's 2 Amazing Moments -Special Deliveries from ABOVE

Get the Tissues Ready!

November 8, 2019

Andy Grammer @ GoPink Party 2019 at Cedar Street Courtyard ATX GoPinkATX


Andy Grammer's gave an AMAZING PERFORMANCE during the GoPink Party at the Cedar Street Courtyard. There were so many special moments during the show. He's very dynamic when singing, telling a story of the journey of the creation of his song, and embracing a community during the show. Be prepared to have tissues handy just in case during an Andy Grammer show. You can see what you missed here. 2 of my Favorite Amazing moments actually have connections from 'ABOVE'. 

  1. The story behind Andy Grammer's song 'She'd Say' for his 2-year-old daugher Louie that began w/ a phone call from a medium w/ a message from 'ABOVE'. You can catch it around  -33:20 
  2.  Andy's embracement of young man from ATX ended the show in tears. Have the TISSUES READY when you watch Maxon with Andy in honor of his father ... 
    Maxon & his mama Christie watching Andy Grammer at the Cedar Street Courtyard. Grab a Tissue! Click the photo! Experience the Maxon Moment with Andy Grammer!

    You can catch the 'Magic Maxon Moment w/ Andy Grammer' at the Cedar Street Courtyard around -6:40 

Thank you to everyone who came out to the #GoPinkParty. Showing your Love for the Breast Cancer Resource Center with Mix 94.7 & our sister station Majic 95.5. Keep staying engaged in the fight against breast cancer. Spreading the word about early detection is huge! Big Hugs to all the Survivors, to those in the battle, and to those who have lost someone in their life because of bc, may we keep on fighting for the Good Life w/ those we Love! #GOPINKATX