Best Thingie that happened to YOU in July?

#PurePuppyPower for Heather & honey Ted

July 31, 2019

Rudy ... lil Ru ... Ru Boo ... to the Rescue!


The last day of July wraps up an emotional Happy Month for honey Ted & I. Since losing our Shih Tzu Huey at age 16 over a year ago, we decided we'd see about having another furbaby we could add to the family. We had been looking for a couple of months, with not much success of a real FURBABY LOVE CONNECTION on both sides. Thanks to our friend Dayna, and a link she messaged to me via Facebook, we found Night at  Austin Pets Alive!  

Night was getting adopted by another family, but it fell through. honey Ted & I were next to meet Night. Something clicked. He was such a little ball of Cuteness and Puppy Power. A Fighter /  Fsurvivor of Parvo, so Night became Rudy! (little Fighter like the movie) It's been a little over a month, and we are all meshing together. We have a lot to learn about each other. A lot of training we all need to do together. But there's Love in our hearts for Rudy. He seems to be putting up w/ us pretty good too.  We hope we'll have many Happy Times together.

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Rudy: Who rescued who search 

Big Thank Yous & You Rocks to Mix Friends who shared their experiences and Awesome thoughts while my Rudy is getting fixed today. It's making me feel better, and a big help when I'm feeling bad while he has the Cone on during his healing. BIG HUGS!