Adventurous Vodka Drinkers Wanted!

Climb & Drink!

October 2, 2019

1Tomm / Getty Images


Would you climb a large glacier w/ the reward of Vodka waiting on the top for you? If you answered 'YES"!, then you are an Adventurous Vodka Drinker that Reyka is looking for. The 'World's 1st Glacier Bar' has opened in Iceland. Reyka's bar is on top of Langjökull glacier, Iceland’s second-largest glacier. It's also Reyka’s water source. You can enter to win a trip to try it out.

Peeps are also invited to come out and experience the Reyka Ice Bar. The company has even provided coordinates  64.565653°N-20.024822°W. Once you make it on top, look for the giant organce flag. You made it! It's open October 16-20!