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March 10, 2020
Zilker Park / ACL Fest / ATX 2019

Zilker Park / ACL Fest / ATX 2019 / Photo by HR


There's been a lot of unhappy thingies happening. It's especially good to show Love for the Happy Thingies. Looks like AUSTIN does this well in the overall big picture. Coming in as the #2 Happiest City in Texas, and just missing the Top 20 coming in as the  #22 Happiest City Nationwide out of 182 cities. Pretty Happy rankings for all the unhappy in the World. ATX doesn't even let a Fest cancellation bring it down. Rallying together the Local Love, and showing Big Love & Support for what ATX is known for ... It's LOVE OF LIVE MUSIC and EVERYONE who is part of  making that happening. Big You Rocks ATX!  Here's the breakdown and take the Happy Poll. Let's keep the Happy Vibes going in and around the ATX area! 

WalletHub's Top 20 Happiest Places to Live in America

  1. Fremont, CA
  2. Plano, TX (#1 Happiest City in Texas)
  3. San Jose, CA
  4. Irvine, CA
  5. Madison, WI
  6. Sioux Falls, SD
  7. Huntington Beach, CA
  8. Scottsdale, AZ
  9. Santa Rosa, CA
  10. 10. Pearl City, HI
  11. Bismarck, ND
  12. Fargo, ND
  13. Lincoln, NE
  14. San Francisco, CA
  15. Overland Park, KS
  16. Santa Clarita, CA
  17. Oceanside, CA
  18. Glendale, CA
  19. Anaheim, CA
  20. Cape Coral, FL

Austin #22 (#2 Happiest City in Texas) Lots more here!

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