An Austin Mama's Good Karma Gets Her Son the Best Night of His Life

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August 3, 2018

On Wednesday (8/1), I had tons of Fun w/ Mix listeners who got a chance to go into the Dragon's Den for Imagine Dragons tickets and a VIP Experience! The big show was last night / Thursday (8/2/18) at the Austin 360 Amphitheater. An Austin Mom Rachel & her son Everett got in to WIN. She told me they were so excited about winning tickets and getting the Dragon Pit Seat upgrade, because she was trying to get her son tickets, and she got scammed. The next hour Kim & Cole, another mom and son, also won tickets, and the Dragon hooked them up w/ Meet 'n Greet passes w/ Imagine Dragons!

I didn't  realize there was more to this story until I received an email from Rachel. The Subject: A story highlighting a great concert and Austin's own Mix 94.7.  Rachel sent me a photo and shared the bigger story with her son Everett, and the connection they have with Kim & Cole. Would you consider this Good Karma?  I certainly would.. it's way past Good Luck... This story made my Heart Happy, so I had to share it w/ you! 


Rachel / ATX..  Good Karma for Imagine Dragons
This is a story that I wrote about what happened to my son this week. ... Imagining karma at the Circuit of the Americas

I have always taken a very algebraic view of Karma, the kind where you can see all the connective tissue, almost spidermanesque; you did not stop the robbery, so obviously Uncle Ben was going to get shot.  In situations where it is tempting to look to the hand of fate, I am always one to look for the reasonable explanation. Enter this crazy week.

A few months ago Everett asked us to buy tickets to an upcoming show for his favorite band called Imagine Dragons.  The rock that I live under being a little bigger than I sometimes realize, I had never heard of them and favorite being a word used to semantic saturation, we asked him to sing a few lines of a song and without hesitation he launches into that Thunder (or is it fun dip?) song I had heard somewhere in the ether, likely in HEB. He keeps singing like “I can do this all day.”  After he finishes he goes into another one and we were say we get...we will get you tickets. Then (mom fail!) I forgot to get them. Flash forward a week and they are sold out. I start hoping that this band falls out of favor and tell him if he still wants to go at the end of the summer, we will try to find some tickets on Craigslist.  In the interim he starts listening to this band pretty exclusively. He asks for nothing else all summer - no camps, no movies, no trips Six Flags. He just asks every week, with clock like precision, if we have Imagine Dragons tickets yet.

It is Tuesday, two days before the Thursday night concert.  We spent the entire day at Schlitterbahn. Water logged and tired on the ride home I spy what looks like a decent deal on tickets on Craigslist.  I swap some texts with the seller, everything sounds pretty legit, I send him money, he does not send me the tickets. At some point during the 7.5 hours that I tossed and turned that night trying to figure out the most delicate way to break my kid's heart, I think “you know when I was a kid, sometimes radio stations did call in contests.  Maybe they still do that?” so after I get up, and go through the soul sucking reporting to various banks and institutions that I have been swindled, I do a quick search online and find a call in contest on Mix 94.7 Austin for Imagine Dragons tickets. What the hell, I think, it is a total long shot but at least it will give us something else to focus on today.  So I get the kids up. I talk to Everett about the tickets we thought we had falling through and he takes it like such a big kid. “I know you tried your best, Mom” he says (ugh! can you feel the knife??) we make plans to have a big Imagine Dragons party at the house the following night. We talk about scams and what might lead a person to steal and I try to inject some empathy for someone I’d personally like to separate from their toenails. Maybe they are really down on their luck, I suggest.

I tell the kids about the contest I saw online, and they get on board. *I called neighbors, gave them the number. “Call at the top of the hour, every hour until 5!” I say. I give kids a big speech about what an incredible long shot it is “do not get your hopes up!”. First call-in hour goes by...nothing. Those of a certain age remember the busy signal that was certain death in these call in contests.  Ev has a friend over, and hour two everyone, even his friend, is dialing in and...Everett got through! Absolutely crazy, he wins tickets and pit passes. Everyone goes crazy. The next hour is spent pinching ourselves and getting details from the station. At the top of the next hour his friend calls in and this time HE wins! A meet and greet with the band!   

We go to the show drunk on our luck. The boys meet the band and get a picture, we buy tour t-shirts and sit in our fabulous seats.  Ev gets to go up to the front of the stage for his favorite tunes and has, what he later sleepily tells me, the best night of his life.  

  • My neighbor said “of course he won, the universe was not going to let that stand” 
  • A friend said “WTH!  Karma, man. No one ever wins those things!”
  • My husband said “its like you stepped in shit then got a free pair of boots.”

I say, I don’t know what this is.  It is not Karma, it is not the universe reacting in equal and opposite force; but it feels a bit fated,  it feels like you can see the gears a bit, it definitely does not feel like coincidence but the reasonable explanation eludes me. Maybe he is just a kid who deserved to see an outstanding show - and it was outstanding.  It reminded me that I need to peek out from under my rock on occasion.  These young men put on an amazing rock and roll show and have such powerful and positive messages for their fans.  They will make you a, make you a believer.

To Mix 94.7 - The two of them (Everett & Cole) were adorable running over to his house after he got through. Y'all made their summer!  The boys used the two meet and greets (Thanks to Ariana in promotions). It was something they will both remember forever.  Oh, and the mom's also had a blast ;)  Thanks again for everything!  Rachel