An Upgraded ATX Pay to Park App is Out!

Get Park ATX on Your Phone!

February 25, 2019

Austin Transportation is making it even easier to pay to park with an upgraded app. Park ATX mobile app has been released. You'll be able to pay for over 10,000 parking spots throughout ATX. Managing your parking remotely, and only paying for the time you actually use.  Get it on your phone, so you're ready for your next parking adventure in ATX.
(CBS Austin)

To Use Park ATX:

  • Download Park ATX App for free on Apple & Android devices.
  • Create an account & payment method.
  • Choose zone # and select length of stay.
  • Start parking session & receive notifications when the parking session is up.
  • Pay for the time you use. If you have unused time, stop the session and the remaining time will be refunded back. 

Be sure to pay attention to the new zone numbers, which you'll find on the new 'Park ATX' signage throughout the city! More here!