Best Day of the Week to Get Your Grocery Shopping On!


July 31, 2018

I thought I knew the answer to what day is the Best Day to Grocery Shop.  honey Ted & I usually do ours on Friday (night). Less foot traffic! We call it our #FridayNightGroceryShoppingDateNight.  Well, it looks like we may need to switch up the day/night to mid-week. According to Foodbeast the #BestDaytoGroceryShop is on WEDNESDAY!  Here's why...

Why Wednesdays are the Best Day to Go Grocery Shopping:

  • Dibs on the freshest goods with Tuesday night deliveries stocking up the store
  • Save $$ on perishables. Wednesday is the day the close to / day of expiration goodies are marked down. 
  • New Specials are featured on the end caps.. fully stocked!
  • Rainchecks you forgot to use / manufacturer's coupon you remembered for last week's sale.. stores are more likely to honor thos discounts on Wednesday. 
  • Ground Beef & Chicken expiration date 1-2 days/ or day of are marked down as much as 1/2 off. You can eat it that night, and the extras freeze. The date is more of a sell by, not goin bad.
  • Deli Cheeses can have 1/ 2 off prices w/ 'sell by ' dates that are a good five days out.
  • 'Quick Sale' Bakery Breads can run 25% - %50 off 
  • Milk by the gallon & Yogurts often go on sale 5 days prior to 'Sell By Date'

Click here for more including how to make an organized grocery list! Play a head! honey Ted & I tried the more organized/ stick to the list approach this past Friday, and saved $$!  We may have to try a Wednesday Night Grocery Date Night soon, and put this theory to the test!  #HeatherandhoneyTed

Sidenote Savings : Bring the Organyc $3 coupon w/ you when you go to CVS or HEB. You'll find Organyc liners, pads & tampons in the fem care section. A NICE savings! I've used the liners for the past couple of months.. I'm an #OrganycFan! - Heather R.