Best Pizza in Each State List is out! ATX has the Best!

Best Pizza in the State of Texas

May 22, 2019

Paolo Paradiso / GettyImages


A recent list came out: The Best Pizza in Every State.  From the looks of it, thin crusts /  more New York styles were favored. I'm a fan of THICK CRUST. The ends of the pizza pieces... 'Pizza Bones' ... are much tastier thick. Saving them until the end, and dipping them in Peanut Butter and/ or Honey is yummy too (dessert). 

According to The Daily Meal, The Best Pizza in the Entire, Big State of Texas is in ATX .... HOME SLICE! Congrats y'all! Their write up includes... 
"...One of the most heralded pizza spots in Texas ... Home Slice Pizza has been a South Austin smash hit: New York-style Neapolitan thin-crust slices and pies (try the pepperoni and mushroom) ..." 

Click here for the entire list! See where the Best Pizza is in other states you have visited / lived. My hometown Omaha got the Best Pizza honors in Nebraska with Zio's. They were  pretty yummy most of the time. Depended on which location you went too. Not very consistant to me. But it's all in opinion & taste ...  Now a list that has Best Thick Crust Pizza .. I'm all over that! 

Where is your favorite Pizza?